Charley Patton and Tommy Johnson

Delta Blues: Charley Patton & His Influences

Episode 7

Episode date - May 24, 2013

How Music Changed

    With this show, we go yet deeper into the various characters who were contemporaries of Charley Patton.

    Geechie Wiley, Ishman Bracey and Tommy Johnston were all making music in the Delta at the same time as Patton, and each of them interacted with one another in some shape or form. Here, then, are a few tracks from some of the Delta’s most ‘colorful’ and influential characters.

    Featured tracks include;

    Sweet Alberta – Charlie McCoy

    Last Kind Words Blues – Geechie Wiley

    Pick Poor Robin Clean – Geechie Wiley

    Saturday Blues – Ishman Bracey

    Left Alone Blues – Ishman Bracey

    Trouble Hearted Blues – Ishman Bracey

    Canned Heat Blues - Tommy Johnston

    Bye Bye Blues - Tommy Johnston

    Maggie Campbell Blues - Tommy Johnston

    Big Road Blues- Tommy Johnston

    Cool Drink of Water Blues- Tommy Johnston

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