Duke Ellington - Such Sweet Thuder - Lady Mac

Duke Ellington: More Changes

Episode 21

Episode date - August 6, 2021

How Music Changed

    After his acclaimed Newport appearance in 1956, Duke Ellington probably could have dedicated his attention to playing hits and doing what would have been expected of him.

    But his restless creativity forced him to move forward with his artistic vision, whether it sold or not. Here, we focus on two unique projects titled “A Drum Is a Woman” and “Such Sweet Thunder” and wrap off today’s show with some coverage of his input for Ella Fitzgerald’s songbook dedicated to the music of Duke Ellington.

    Rockin’ in Rhythm

    Hey, Buddy Bolden

    A Drum Is a Woman

    Such Sweet Thunder

    Lady Mac

    The Star-Crossed Lovers

    Suburban Beauty

    Café Au Lait

    Lush Life (with Ella Fitzgerald)

    Day Dream (with Ella Fitzgerald)

    Rockin’ in Rhythm (with Ella Fitzgerald)


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