Duke Ellington - Satin Doll

Duke Ellington: Yet Another Label

Episode 19

Episode date - July 23, 2021

How Music Changed

    As disastrous as RCA was for the Ellington Orchestra, Columbia proved to be thoroughly accommodating, understanding and sympathetic. However, Ellington saw Capitol as the ‘new kid on the block’ with ideas and ambitions that suited his own almost desperate need for revitalization, so he moved on.

    This show features his ambitious sides with Columbia, followed by a strong push toward commercial (and artistic) success on Capitol…only to return to Columbia.

    Featured tracks include:

    The Hawk Talks

    A Tone Parallel to Harlem

    Satin Doll



    Who Knows

    Prelude to a Kiss

    Night Time

    Isle of Capri

    Once in a Blue Mood

    Rockin’ in Rhythm

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