Eric Clapton: Mainline Florida

Eric Clapton: Mainline Florida

Episode 10

Episode date - December 12, 2014

How Music Changed

    Clapton spent approximately three years in self-induced exile, nurturing a heroin addiction while deliberately removing himself from his music.

    Doing nothing was status quo, until his manager Robert Stigwood intervened by renting a house for Clapton in Miami, near the recording studio where a band had been assembled, all for the purpose of hoping that the change of scene would stimulate his creativity. Apparently, it worked. 461 Ocean Boulevard was the address of the rental home and also the name of Clapton’s first original music project in over three years. In many ways, this album signals the revitalization of Clapton’s career, and the start of his decades long run as a solo artist.

    Featured tracks include;

    1) Ain’t That Lovin’ You

    2) Walkin’ Down the Road

    3) Motherless Children

    4) Let It Grow

    5) Mainline Florida

    6) I Shot the Sheriff (live)

    7) Willie and the Hand Jive/Get Ready

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