Eric Clapton in the 1990's

Eric Clapton: The Nineties

Episode 16

Episode date - January 30, 2015

How Music Changed

    As far as pop stars go, Eric Clapton is a step apart from the masses, isn’t he? Most pop stars live out their drama in public, and Clapton certainly did his share of that, albeit reluctantly.

    Perhaps because of the negative aspect of fame, he has always been a private person. It should be easy to understand his desire to have a life outside of the public eye, but the nature of fame has a way of blurring the line. After the death of his son, Clapton seemed more insular than ever, and yet his fame reached an all-time high in the aftermath. Of course, his fans felt a great deal of sympathy, and it added tremendous gravitas to his subsequent material.

    Featured tracks include;

    1) Blues Before Sunrise

    2) Third Degree

    3) Motherless Child

    4) It Hurts Me Too

    5) Change the World

    6) My Father’s Eyes

    7) River of Tears

    8) Sick and Tired

    9) Danny Boy

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