Eric Clapton - Slowhand

Eric Clapton: Slowhand

Episode 12

Episode date - December 26, 2014

How Music Changed

    In the mid-seventies, it seems that things were finally coming together quite nicely for Eric Clapton. His band remained fairly consistent, and his output seemed to be almost effortless and yet still immensely popular.

    He still relied heavily on J.J. Cale for inspiration, but he also started to utilize fresh material supplied by Bob Dylan, as three songs from this show attest. Almost despite himself, Clapton’s career reached yet another commercial peak with the release of the album “Slowhand”.

    Featured tracks include;

    1) Beautiful Thing

    2) Sign Language

    3) Hello Old Friend

    4) Further On Up the Road (live)

    5) Cocaine

    6) Wonderful Tonight

    7) Lay Down Sally

    8) The Core

    9) Walk Out in the Rain

    10) If I Don’t Be There By Morning

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