The Beach Boys - In My Room

The Beach Boys: Controlling The Pop Charts

Episode 2

Episode date - October 19, 2007

How Music Changed

    This show focuses on an era when the Beach Boys took control of the pop charts, and many considered them to be America’s finest band. A lighthearted spirit of sunshine pervaded every track, and outward appearances made them the cheeriest bunch of guys to ever share a microphone. The mood of their music was as harmonious as their vocals, but the reality of the situation was considerably more complicated.

    Brian Wilson, the main songwriter and arranger, felt competition from every quarter, and his insecurities forced him to constantly challenge himself. As time passed, Brian’s perception of outside pressure continually mounted, while the arrangements grew more and more ornate. All the while, the music maintained its sunny patina and fans couldn’t help but smile whenever the Beach Boys came on the radio.

    Here’s a list of songs from the show:

    Surfer Girl

    Little Deuve Coupe

    Catch a Wave

    The Surfer Moon

    Surf City – Jan and Dean

    Surfers Rule (excerpt)

    In My Room

    Be True to Your School

    Little St. Nick

    The Warmth of the Sun

    Fun, Fun, Fun

    Don’t Worry Baby

    I Get Around

    Little Honda


    All Summer Long

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