California Girls - The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys: Expanding the Sound

Episode 3

Episode date - October 26, 2007

How Music Changed

    Our third installment on the Beach Boys captures Brian Wilson, the band’s main songwriter and producer, walking the fine line between what he wanted, and what was expected of him; between assured commercial success and artistry; between straightforward pop music and the new sounds he started to hear in his head; between pleasing his bandmembers and pleasing himself.

    In 1965, the music scene was changing rapidly. Brian was aware that the band’s imminent obsolescence was a distinct possibility of he didn’t show evidence of growth, but the band felt that their formula was a surefire success that shouldn’t be messed with. Unfortunately for Brian, all of the immediate evidence indicated that the band was probably right. Time has proven otherwise, but it must have been hell for him to feel such a strong urge to create something special while meeting resistance on all fronts.

    This show represents the era immediately before Brian set to work on his magnum opus, “Pet Sounds.”

    Here’s a list of recordings featured;

    When I Grow Up to Be a Man

    She Knows Me Too Well

    Little Old Lady from Pasadena (live)

    Dance, Dance, Dance

    Do You Wanna Dance?

    Please Let Me Wonder

    Don’t Hurt My Little Sister

    Help Me, Rhonda

    California Girls

    Let Him Run Wild

    You’re So Good to Me

    The Little Girl I Once Knew

    Alley Oop

    Barbara Ann

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