Do It Again - The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys - Late '60s/Early '70s

Episode 7

Episode date - November 30, 2007

How Music Changed

    Since becoming 'America's Band', it is easy to dismiss the latter day work of the Beach Boys, especially the stuff that was recorded with minimal input from Brian.

    This show proves, though, that there were still a number of bright moments, despite the problems that haunted the band, and especially their estranged leader. Listen as we explore the era from the late '60s to the early '70s, before the Beach Boys faded into a sad parody of themselves.

    Tracks played include...

    1) Little Saint Nick (Instrumental version)

    2) Do It Again

    3) I Can Hear Music

    4) Never Learn Not to Love

    5) Break Away

    6) Let the Wind Blow (live)

    7) Forever

    8) Cool, Cool Water

    9) Long Promised Road

    10) Disney Girls (1957)

    11) 'Til I Die

    12) Student Demonstration Time (edited)

    13) Surf's Up

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