Let It Be  - The Beatles

The Beatles: Let It Be

Episode 58

Episode date - December 21, 2012

How Music Changed

    …and you thought 1968 was bad. The Beatles reconvened in early 1969, only weeks after completing the horribly contentious ‘White Album’ sessions with a sense of desperation or indifference (depending on the Beatle).

    Paul felt the need to focus and bring the band back to a sense of purpose, and thought that a return to their old methods might do the trick, but John and George did not care for the idea, and weren’t particularly interested in working toward anything.

    In retrospect, it seems obvious that the best thing the Beatles could have done was to take a reprieve, then regroup and reconvene after a period of convalescence. Instead, they jumped from the frying pan straight into the fire. With little material and even less motivation, the band attempted to go through the motions of the creative process, but it unraveled almost instantly. This show is a stark portrayal of where the end of the band becomes inevitable.

    Featured tracks include (all are rough/live takes);

    1) She Came in Through the Bathroom Window

    2) Dig a Pony

    3) I’ve Got a Feeling

    4) Two of Us

    5) For You Blue

    6) Teddy Boy

    7) Let It Be

    8) Medley: Rip It Up/Shake, Rattle & Roll…

    9) The Long and Winding Road

    10) Oh! Darling

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