Whte Album Sessions

The Beatles: “The Beatles” (aka ‘The White Album’)

Episode 50

Episode date - October 19, 2012

How Music Changed

    Last show, we took an in-depth look at the sessions that preceded the release of the Beatles’ “White Album.” In-depth analysis of these sessions puts that album in a thoroughly different light, because the roots of the band’s breakup can be so easily traced to these contentious times.

    Nevertheless, there is a wellspring of material that has been released, documenting the tension and difficulties that took place out of the public eye, behind the scenes. This show continues with our coverage of those sessions.

    Taken individually, each of these raw recordings belies the unity that had defined the band up until now. In many ways, by 1968 the Beatles were a group in name only.

    Featured tracks include;

    1) Hey Jude (early take)

    2) Not Guilty

    3) Mother Natures’ Son (early take)

    4) Glass Onion (Early Take)

    5) Rocky Raccoon (early take)

    6) What’s the New Mary Jane

    7) Step Inside Love/Los Paranoias

    8) I’m So Tired (early take)

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