The Beatles: The Beatles (The White Album)

The Beatles: The Beatles (The White Album)

Episode 55

Episode date - November 30, 2012

How Music Changed

    It soon became all too common, but back in 1968, double albums were a rarity. Popular examples of double albums that precede “The Beatles” include Dylan’s ‘Blonde on Blonde’, Frank Zappa’s “Freak Out”, but I can’t think of many others.

    This meant that “The Beatles” felt like a mother lode of new material, especially since the album was rather generous in its length, featuring over ninety minutes of music and averaging 7 ½ songs per side. It has taken us three shows to cover the album – this being the third and final entry….or is it?

    Songs featured in this program include;

    1) Revolution 1

    2) Honey Pie

    3) Savoy Truffle

    4) Cry Baby Cry

    5) Revolution 9

    6) Good Night

    7) Yes Blues (The Dirty Mac – Rock and Roll Circus version)

    8) Christmas 1968

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