The Byrds 1965

The Byrds: From Folk to Psychedelia

Episode 2

Episode date - July 8, 2016

How Music Changed

    In 1965, the Byrds were on top of the world, arguably the biggest band in America. Their melding of folk with rock and roll started a sensation, and it seemed that people could not get enough. 

    Then, for various reasons, the band lost Gene Clark, its primary songwriter and lead vocalist, thrusting them into a strange place. Significantly, this was also a strange time, when the rumblings of a counterculture were forming based around youth culture. The Byrds embraced it, and in many ways, could even be said to have propelled it, and before anybody knew it, the Byrds suddenly became a psychedelic band. 

    This show notes that transition, with the following songs; 

    1) Turn! Turn! Turn!

    2) Set You Free This Time

    3) Lay Down Your Weary Tune

    4) He Was a Friend of Mine

    5) The World Turns All Around Her

    6) Satisfied Mind

    7) 5D

    8) Mr. Spaceman

    9) I See You

    10) Eight Miles High

    11) Why?

    12) Psychodrama City 

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