The Byrds 1967

The Byrds: Into the Void '67-'68

Episode 3

Episode date - July 15, 2016

How Music Changed

    For a band that was sitting on top of the world in 1965, it didn’t take long for things to start crumbling. 

    Once their primary songwriter and lead vocalist Gene Clark left the fold, the band started to head off into unknown territory, primed by the burgeoning youth movement centered in California and the drug culture that, at least temporarily, provided fuel for the movement. The band lost some momentum on the charts, but their creative drive kept them on the cusp of contemporary sound, mirroring the Beatles’ ‘Revolver’ album with an American product that echoes that album’s diverse and experimental nature. 

    In other words, they were still seen as leaders of the youth movement, but in the deal, they lost their hold on the pop charts – “My Back Pages” marked the last time that the band would ever appear on Billboard’s top 40. In a sense, the loss of pop stardom was irrelevant, as the times shifted focus from singles to albums. While teenagers started turning in their AM transistor radios for the improved sounds of FM, the Byrds were once again standing on the threshold. 

    Featured tracks include:

    1) So You Want to Be a Rock and Roll Star

    2) Have You Seen Her Face

    3) Time Between

    4) Everybody’s Been Burned

    5) Mt Back Pages

    6) The Girl with No Name

    7) Chimes of Freedom (live at Monterey)

    8) Goin’ Back

    9) Draft Morning

    10) Wasn’t Born to Follow

    11) Change Is Now 

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