The Byrds with Clarence White

The Byrds: The Clarence White Era

Episode 5

Episode date - July 29, 2016

How Music Changed

    As the Byrds entered the ‘70s, their relevance as rock and roll stars started to slip, but for the first time in their existence, the band’s personnel stabilized. 

    Therefore, the music from this era is not generally as popular as the work that preceded it, but this era marks territory where the band’s true fan base often refers to as the most representative of their legacy as a country-rock band. Clarence White and Roger McGuinn shared lead guitar duties, and this era also represents a time when the band’s reputation for their live performances improved considerably. 

    Featured tracks include;

    1) Bad Night at the Whiskey

    2) Ballad of Easy Rider

    3) Oil in My Lamp

    4) Tulsa County

    5) Jesus Is Just Alright

    6) Deportee

    7) Lover of the Bayou

    8) Nashville West

    9) Truck Stop Girl

    10) Eight Miles High 

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