George Gershwin: Concerto In F

The Gershwins: Concerto In F

Episode 4

Episode date - August 4, 2017

How Music Changed

    This show sort of gives me the feeling that George Gershwin felt the need to compete with himself. In terms of writing within the American urban idiom, nobody else was writing music in his style or on his level.

    “Rhapsody in Blue” certainly stands out as a singular masterwork in this regard, but these days, few people remember that he wrote a second work that in many ways surpasses the majestic beauty of its predecessor. “Concerto in F” stands out as one of the major masterworks of American culture, and yet it has become nearly forgotten.

    With this show, Heidy and I take great pride in playing the entire concerto, and loving every second of it. Featured tracks include;

    Concerto in F – 1 – Allegro – Bernstein/NY Philharmonic

    Concerto in F – 2 Andante Con Moto – Bernstein/NY Philharmonic

    Concerto in F – 3 – Allegro Agitato – Bernstein/NY Philharmonic

    Sweet and Lowdown – Dave Van Ronk

    That Certain Feeling - Josephine Baker

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