The Gershwins: Into The 30's

Episode 8

Episode date - September 1, 2017

How Music Changed

    Despite their extraordinary success, the Gershwin brothers remained ambitious and wanted to take on projects that presented a challenge to them.

    For George, this meant writing more serious, long-form pieces, while he and Ira attempted to change the very nature of musical comedy by writing music for shows that had political undertones. These plays did not generate hits, but the shows themselves displayed a perspective that went considerably beyond the standard ‘boy meets girl/loses girl/gets girl back’ storyline. George even set his sights on composing an American opera.

    Featured tracks include;

    Soon – Bob Dylan

    Second Rhapsody – St. Louis Symphony Orchestra

    Overture from “Of Thee I Sing” – Gershwin

    Of Thee I Sing (Baby) – Ella Fitzgerald

    Overture from Let ‘Em Eat Cake – Arthur Fiedler & Boston Pops

    Who Cares (As Long as You Care for Me) – Tony Bennett

    Summertime – Billy Holiday

    Summertime – Nina Simone

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