The Gershwin Brothers

The Gershwins: The Collaborating Brothers

Episode 5

Episode date - August 11, 2017

How Music Changed

    After spending our previous two shows focused on George Gershwin’s longer (and wordless) compositions, we can now proceed – and progress- toward a number of popular songs that best represent the work of both George and Ira as writing partners.

    This show features some of their best work together, written at a time when they stood head and shoulders above any and all competitors.

    Featured tracks include;

    Maybe – Ella Fitzgerald

    Clap Yo’ Hands – The Hi-Los

    Do Do Do – Nellie McKay

    Someone to Watch Over Me – Frank Sinatra

    Someone to Watch Over Me – Willie Nelson

    He Loves and She Loves – Sarah Vaughan

    High Hat – Fred Astaire

    My One and Only – Fred Astaire

    ‘s Wonderful – Ella Fitzgerald

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