The Who - Lifehouse

The Who: Deeper into 'Lifehouse', Part 2

Episode 19

Episode date - February 8, 2019

How Music Changed

    This show takes us deeper into Pete Townshend’s obsession with “Lifehouse”, a project that he felt was necessary for the band to eclipse the public fascination with “Tommy”.

    Left to his own devises, without artistic input or guidance from the band or management, Townshend worked like mad on his idea, writing and recording demos of his songs at a furious pace. At the same time, he was exploring synthesizers, with the idea of adding ‘pre-arranged’ parts to the band’s performance, potentially causing a significant shift in the band’s approach to playing live.

    The demos mounted up and the storyline grew more and more complicated, causing consternation all around, but Townshend’s songwriting only grew better. Eventually, the project would collapse under its own weight, but here’s a deeper look at what almost was.

    Bargain (demo)

    Too Much of Anything (demo)

    Greyhound Girl (demo)

    Mary (demo)

    Slip Kid (demo)

    Behind Blue Eyes (demo)

    Pure and Easy (demo)

    Let’s See Action (demo)

    Baba M1 (demo)

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