The Who - Live at Leeds

The Who: Live at Leeds

Episode 14

Episode date - January 7, 2019

How Music Changed

    When Pete Townshend imagined “Tommy”, he thought of it as something even more valuable than a provocative concept and storyline.

    While most competitive bands in the music industry were moving toward complex recordings and thus reducing their touring exposure due to an inability to play their material live, Townshend envisioned “Tommy” as a vehicle for live performance. For much of 1969-1971, the band concentrated their efforts on touring, and the combination of a hit album and years of roadwork made the Who arguably the best live rock act in the world. “Tommy” was the gift that kept on giving, making the band richer than they ever imagined, while also providing the backbone for live show.

    “Live at Leeds” was the band’s first live album and the only live album to feature the original band in their lifetime. Naturally, material from “Tommy” was edited from the album release, as the original album was still selling incredibly well. Many critics consider “Live at Leeds” to be the best document of s live rock band performance ever to be released.

    Featured tracks include;

    Young Man Blues


    Summertime Blues

    Shakin’ All Over

    My Generation

    Magic Bus


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