The Who: Live at  Hull, 1970

The Who: Live at Leeds and Hull, 1970

Episode 15

Episode date - January 11, 2019

How Music Changed

    Last week we played the original tracks from “Live at Leeds”, an album that has often been referenced as one of the best live documents of a rock and roll show ever released. The amazing truth, though, is that the album itself only contained approximately one quarter of the original show.

    Additionally, a second night was also recorded but went unreleased for decades, due a perceived error with the recording (that, as it turns out, only affected a few of the tracks, which were then subsequently repaired). In short, today’s live recordings are a vital document of The Who at the peak of their performance abilities. To avoid redundancy, we intersperse performances from Leeds and Hull.

    Featured tracks include;

    Heaven and Hell (Leeds)

    I Can’t Explain (Leeds)

    Fortune Teller (Leeds)

    Tattoo (Hull)

    Young Man Blues (Hull)

    Happy Jack (Leeds)

    I’m a Boy (Leeds)

    A Quick One, While He’s Away (Leeds)

    Overture (Leeds)

    It’s a Boy (Leeds)

    I’m Free (Hull)

    Shakin’ All Over (Hull)

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