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The Who: My Generation

Episode 3

Episode date - October 19, 2018

How Music Changed

    As 1965 drew to a close, things really started to come together for The Who. They had two hit singles under their belt, and their notoriety was bringing a significant amount of attention to their live performances.

    Townshend’s adoption of the ‘auto-destructive’ art movement coincided with his adoption of Britain’s Mod culture, and this combination led to a very distinct image for the band. Not everyone was on board, though. Most of the band, especially Roger Daltrey, was still skeptical about Townshend’s songwriting, feeling that he was diluting the strength of their R&B credibility. That explains why the band’s first album mixes Townshend’s incredibly evocative hit singles with a handful of R&B numbers that now sound almost embarrassing.

    History would prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Townshend saved the band by providing them with something that was uniquely their own. This was only the beginning. With this show, we feature tracks from the band’s first long-playing album, including;

    Shout and Shimmy

    My Generation (demo)

    My Generation

    Out in the Street

    I Don’t Mind

    The Good’s Gone


    Much Too Much

    The Kids Are Alright

    Please, Please, Please

    It’s Not True

    I’m a Man

    The Ox

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