The Who - My Generation

The Who: Independence and Development

Episode 4

Episode date - October 26, 2018

How Music Changed

    From an artistic standpoint, the songs on the Who’s first album amply proved that Pete won the argument with Roger regarding the band’s direction. R&B quickly receded from the band’s repertoire, but surprisingly, the net result was much more democratic.

    Pete wrote all of the hit singles for the band, but the other bandmembers supplied their own input as well, for better or worse. Pete’s songs moved the band toward a decidedly ‘pop art’ direction, which allowed freedom for Roger, Keith and especially John to contribute their own ideas. Even at this early stage in the Who’s career, you can sense that Pete’s art school education is supplying the band with a momentum that is based on more than the songs themselves. The Who were quickly becoming something very different in the world of rock and roll, utilizing theme and theory as aspects that were integral to their music.  

    Featured songs include;

    It’s Not True

    I’m a Man

    A Legal Matter

    Instant Party (Circles)

    The Girls I Could’ve Had

    As Children We Grew

    My Own Love

    Just You and Me, Darling

    Substitute (demo)


    Waltz for a Pig

    In the City

    I’m a Boy

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