The Who - Ready Steady Who

The Who: Ready Steady Who

Episode 5

Episode date - November 2, 2018

How Music Changed

    The firing, and then subsequent ‘rehiring’, of Roger Daltrey had an unexpected effect on the band politics of The Who.

    Their managers Kit Lambert and Chris Lowe, made a decision to become actively involved in band decisions, going so far as to form their own record label for band releases. Thus, before their second album was even recorded, The Who were releasing singles on Reaction Records. Meanwhile, their old label, Decca, did their best to milk every last drop out of the band’s first album by releasing most of it as singles, all of which competed with the band’s new product.

    In addition, Kit Lambert took over the role of producer, which the band loved, because he was sympathetic to their crazy ideas and let them run wild in the studio. The most important change upon Daltrey’s return, though, was a new sense of democracy within The Who. To keep all of the bandmembers happy, Lambert and Lowe invoked a ‘democratic’ approach to record making, insisting that every member contribute ideas and new material.

    Surprisingly, Pete Townshend, the band’s only songwriter up to this point, gladly accepted the change. Roger backed off on his insistence that the band stick to R&B material, but bass player John Entwistle started to submit songs, while Beach Boys-flavored material was added to their output to appease drummer Keith Moon. Barely a year into their professional career, The Who had already changed dramatically.

    Featured tracks include;

    Instant Party Mixture

    I’m a Boy




    Bucket T

    Barbara Ann

    Happy Jack (demo)

    Happy Jack

    I’ve Been Away 

    Run Run Run

    Boris The Spider

    I Need You

    Whiskey Man

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