Estelle Axton

Stax: Fare Thee Well, Estelle

Episode 14

Episode date - July 31, 2015

How Music Changed

    With so much change taking place, it was only inevitable that there would be some fallout. Al Bell, the man hired to increase sales, now became the man to salvage the label from what seemed like certain death.

    Unfortunately, he and Estelle did not see eye to business matters, and so it was arranged for Estelle to step down from her position as founder, co-owner, record store operator and all-around advisor to the talent. Yet another important part of the original constituency was now gone, leaving Al Bell to reinvent the label.

    Here are a few of the tracks that were released at this time;

    1) (I Wanna) Testify – Jonnie Taylor

    2) Drowning on Dry Land – Albert King

    3) Don’t Tell Your Mam – Eddie Floyd

    4) Love’s Sweet Sensation – William Bell and Mavis Staples

    5) Just Because Your Love Is Gone – Darrell Banks

    6) Happy – William Bell

    7) The Challenge – The Staple Singers

    8) Soul-A-Lujah – J Taylor, E Floyd, W Bell & the Staples

    9) Just Keep on Loving Me – Carla Thomas & William Bell

    10) I’ve Got a Feeling – Ollie and the Nightingales

    11) By the Time I Get to Phoenix (edited) – Isaac Hayes

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