Bob Dylan - Oh Mercy

Bob Dylan: Oh Mercy

Episode 17

Episode date - September 5, 2007

How Music Changed

    Our 17th show featuring the music of Bob Dylan represents yet another significant turning point in his career, one that still holds true today. As Dylan relates the tale in his autobiography, the sessions for “Oh Mercy” were grueling, but you could never tell by the resultant music.

    Song for song, “Oh Mercy” is one of the most consistent albums Dylan ever recorded. Lyrically, Dylan is focused and persuasive. Musically, the production work of Daniel Lanois maintains a spooky, otherworldly feel that compliments the atmosphere established by Dylan’s lyrics.

    It also provides a unique, identifiable sound that separates Dylan’s work from the pack of artists who were becoming mired in the glossy, synthetic, digital production that defines that era. Ever since “Oh Mercy,” Dylan’s work has been characterized by excellent musicianship and songwriting that proudly displays a deep familiarity with the ‘Great American Folk Songbook.’

    Here is a list of songs featured in this program;

    Political World

    Everything Is Broken

    Man with the Long Black Coat

    Most of the Time

    What Was It You Wanted

    Where Teardrops Fall

    Ring Them Bells

    What Good Am I?

    Disease of Conceit

    Shooting Star


    Series of Dreams

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