Bob Dylan in the 1990's

Bob Dylan: The 90's

Episode 18

Episode date - September 7, 2007

How Music Changed

    Our 18th program focusing on the music of Bob Dylan finds us discussing his output in the early and mid-nineties. Most of the material released by Dylan during this time period consists of his interpretations of ‘roots’ music, often reaching back to early material from English, Irish and American traditions.

    Some fans considered this work to be an aberration, expecting Dylan to write his own material. However, it is quite plain to even a casual fan that Dylan has always been a champion of traditional blues and folk songs, and has often used these songs as a basis for his own writing. For that reason alone, it is fascinating to hear Dylan’s interpretation of songs that have affected him during the course of his own lifetime. The experience is further heightened by Dylan’s maturing voice, which somehow adds to the dark, surreal feel that these songs have maintained for decades. Like many of the artists who originally recorded these songs, Dylan imbeds his essence into the material without replacing the spirit that makes these songs so timeless.

    Here’s a list of material featured in today’s program;

    Wiggle Wiggle


    Cat’s in the Well

    Frankie and Albert (excerpt) – Mississippi John Hurt

    Frankie and Albert

    Black Jack Davey (excerpt) - The Carter Family

    Black Jack Davey

    Broke Down Engine (excerpt) – Blind Willie McTell

    Broke Down Engine

    Blood in My Eyes (excerpt) – Mississippi Sheiks

    Blood in My Eyes

    Pretty Boy Floyd

    John Brown (live MTV)

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