Stax: A Year of Transition

Episode 6

Episode date - May 29, 2015

How Music Changed

    1965 was a year of transition for Stax. As they entrenched themselves with the acts that already achieved National success, they delved deeper in to the sea of neighborhood faces who wanted a piece of the action.

    Like Motown, Stax relied on a core group of players and songwriters to produce their material, but unlike Motown, Stax decidedly kept production to a minimum, believing (correctly) that their raw sound was what made them special and unique. It was around this time that they formalized their relationship with Atlantic, which meant big business, provided everything went according to expectations.

    At first, it seemed almost too good to be true, with Atlantic directly providing them with an artist (San and Dave), while in another case sending down an Atlantic label artist to capture the ‘Memphis Sound,’ something that was quickly defining the essence of American R&B music.

    Featured tracks for this show include;

    1) I Take What I Want – Sam and Dave

    2) When You Move You Lose – Otis and Carla

    3) Respect – Otis Redding

    4) Blue Groove – Sir Isaac and the Doo-Dads

    5) You Don’t Know Like I Know – Sam and Dave

    6) I Can’t Turn You Loose – Otis Redding

    7) Philly Dog – The Mar-Keys

    8) I Had a Dream- Johnnie Taylor

    9) (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction – Otis Redding

    10) I’ll Run Your Hurt Away – Ruby Johnson

    11) Hold On, I’m Comin’ – Same and Dave

    12) Midnight Hour – Wilson Pickett

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