Stax: Cultural Changes

Episode 8

Episode date - June 19, 2015

How Music Changed

    By the Winter of ’66, Stax was hummin’. It seemed as if the whole world was coming around to the Stax style of music.

    Motown cleared the path, making Black music that was ‘accessible’ to white audiences, which in turn meant that a broader audience was now prepared for something grittier, earthier, and more honest. Coming from the heart of Memphis, Stax by default now found itself operating in the heart of the civil rights movement. Although they were politically passive, it was impossible to ignore the things that they had accomplished from a social perspective, and the music served as hard evidence that cultural change wasn’t just possible, it was inevitable.

    Stax was also becoming the place to break a new artist, as proven by the phenomenal success of Sam and Dave. As the new year rolled around, Stax provided the yin to the psychedelic yang of youth culture, providing a balance that kept things grounded. It was a perfect balance, and there must have ben times when the participants were almost giddy with excitement at the prospects held by the future.

    Featured tracks include;

    1) You Got Me Hummin’ – Same and Dave

    2) You’re Taking Up Another Man’s Place – Mable John

    3) Raise Your Hand – Eddie Floyd

    4) When Something Is Wrong with My Baby – Sam and Dave

    5) Hip Hug-Her – Booker T. & the MG’s

    6) Everybody Loves a Winner – William Bell

    7) The Spoiler – Eddie Purrell

    8) I Love You More Than Words Can Say – Otis Redding

    9) Same Time Same Place – Mable John

    10) Tramp – Otis and Carla

    11) Soul Finger – The Bar- Keys

    12) Shake – Otis Redding

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