Delaney & Bonnie

Stax: Starting from Scratch

Episode 12

Episode date - July 17, 2015

How Music Changed

    In December 1967, Stax Records stood out as one of the music industry’s brightest success stories. A scant few months later, they were a label that lost its two biggest stars, were without distribution, and due to some lawyerly shenanigans, they didn’t even have their back catalogue any longer.

    With seemingly nothing left to lose, the label set out to reinvent itself once again, building on the foundation od what made it work in the first place while focusing on a strategy that would strengthen their position of independence. It’s ironic, then, that their efforts led the label to a corporate takeover. The money might have changed direction, but the label tried to maintain its public image.

    Featured tracks include;

    1) Precious, Precious – Isaac Hayes

    2) Soul Limbo – Booker T & the MG’s

    3) I’ve Never Found a Girl – Edie Floyd

    4) It’s Been a Long Time Coming – Delaney and Bonnie

    5) What a Man – Linda Lyndell

    6) Stay Baby Stay – Johnny Daye

    7) Private Number – Judy Clay and William Bell

    8) Long Walk to D.C. – The Staple Singers

    9) Bed of Roses – Judy Clay

    10) Who’s Making Love – Johnnie Taylor

    11) Hang ‘Em High – Booker T & the MG’s

    12) I Forgot to Be Your Love – William Bell

    13) Running Out – Mable John

    14) My Baby Specializes – Judy Clay and William Bell

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