Stax: Disaster and Anger

Episode 11

Episode date - July 10, 2015

How Music Changed

    They say that the ‘summer of love’ came to crashing halt in 1968 – no place more so than in Memphis.

    In the Summer of ’67, everything was coming up roses for Stax Records but as 1968 dawned, they lost their biggest star in a plane crash, they then lost their biggest remaining stars, their distribution deal was swept away from them and their entire catalog was stolen by shyster lawyers. Then, as a capper, Martin Luther King was shot virtually in their backyard. This easily could have been the end for Stax. Instead, it was just the end of a phase.

    Featured tracks include;

    1) I Thank You – Sam and Dave

    2) Wrap It Up – Sam and Dave

    3) Lovey Dovey – Otis and Carla

    4) Big Bird – Eddie Floyd

    5) Next Time – Johnnie Taylor

    6) A Tribute to a King – William Bell

    7) Every Man Oughta Have a Woman – William Bell

    8) The Memphis Train – Rufus Thomas

    9) What Will Later On Be Like – Jeanne & the Darlings

    10) I Ain’t Particular – Johnnie Taylor

    11) The Happy Song (Dum-Dum) – Otis Redding

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