T-Bone Walker

The History of Guitar in America: Jazz, Country and the Blues All Go Electric

Episode 9

Episode date - March 29, 2024

How Music Changed

    The widespread recognition of Charlie Christian’s work with Benny Goodman seemed to reach every corner of the globe overnight.

    The electric guitar took over virtually every style of music. From this point on, acoustic guitars would become a ‘folk’ instrument, while the electric guitar proved its compatibility with virtually any style of music.

    Featured tracks include:

    Jimmy’s Blues – Jimmy Shirley

    Hot and Bothered – Clarence Profit Trio (with Jimmy Shirley)

    Floyd’s Guitar Blues – Andy Kirk and his Clouds of Joy (with Floyd Smith

    Without a Song – Wild Bill Davis (w/ Floyd Smith)

    Twin Guitar Special – Leon Mcauliffe & Eldon Shamblin

    Sweet Jennie Lee – Bob Wills & his Texas Playboys (w Junior Bernard)

    Fat Boy Rag – Bob Wills & his Texas Playboys (w/ Junior Bernard)

    I Got a Break Baby – T-Bone Walker

    Call It Stormy Monday – T-Bone Walker

    Long Distance Blues – T-Bone Walker

    Got No Use for You – T-Bone Walker

    Left Home When I Was a Kid – T-Bone Walker

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