Les Paul & Friends - How High The Moon

The History of Guitar in America: Les Paul

Episode 11

Episode date - April 26, 2024

How Music Changed

    Les Paul is deservedly an icon among icons, a talented inventor and an ingenious player who probably did more than any other single guitarist to change the way we hear music.

    He is responsible for inventing and popularizing a ‘solid body’ guitar, and also was among the first to utilize multi-tracking and studio effects on his recordings. If you ever noted the difference between sound recording in the forties vs. the fifties, Les Paul is mostly responsible for that. His ingenuity seemed to know no bounds, and he is our featured artists for today’s show.

    Featured tracks include:

    Blue Skies – Les Paul

    Body and Soul (excerpts) – Jazz at the Philharmonic w/ Nat King Cole

    It’s Been a Long, Long Time – Bing Crosby with Les Paul

    Rumors are Flying – The Andrews Sisters

    Lover – Les Paul

    Brazil – Les Paul

    What Is This Thing Called Love – Les Paul

    How High the Moon – The Les Paul Trio

    How High the Moon – Les Paul & Mary Ford

    Bewitched – Les Paul and Mary Ford

    Vaya con Dios – Les Paul and Mary Ford

    I Love Paris – Mary Osborne

    How High the Moon – Mary Osborne

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