Otis Redding

Stax: Tragedy Strikes

Episode 10

Episode date - July 3, 2015

How Music Changed

    Things had been going so well at Stax that it was easy to just presume that things would continue to go well, and most likely get even better. The artist roster was expanding, and the songwriting teams were improving. Everybody shared responsibilities and assisted one another on creating new product for the label, so what could go wrong?

    In that spirit, Otis Redding took the teenaged Bar-Kays on the road as his backing band, and it is difficult to imagine the horror that the Stax family experienced when they heard that the entourage’s plane crashed, leaving only one survivor. In the harshest manner possible, an era had ended.

    Featured tracks for this show include;

    1) I’m Glad to Do It – C.L. Blast

    2) You Can’t Run Away from Your Heart – Judy Clay

    3) Soul Man – Sam and Dave

    4) Give Everybody Some – The Bar-Kays

    5) On a Saturday Night – Eddie Floyd

    6) Somebody’s Sleeping in My Bed – Johnnie Taylor

    7) Everyday Will Be Like a Holiday – William Bell

    8) What’ll I Do for Satisfaction? – Johnny Daye

    9) Cold Feet – Albert King

    10) I Got a Sure Thing – Ollie and the Nightingales

    11) Sittin’ On the Dock of the Bay – Otis Redding

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