Bing Crosby: Merry Christmas

Bing Crosby: Merry Christmas

Episode 5

Episode date - December 18, 2015

How Music Changed

    No artist in the history of music has been more associated with the Christmas holiday than Bing Crosby.

    He virtually (and reluctantly) invented the idea of popularizing Christmas music as something secular. He initially resisted recording “Silent Night”, feeling that it would be crass and inappropriate to make money from something so blatantly religious, but the public loved it, and the stage was then set for what was to follow. Before Bing, Christmas songs were what you heard in church. After Bing? Well, have you heard the sound system at the mall lately? In many ways, the popularization of Christmas music can be traced back to the father of the format, Bing Crosby.

    Featured tracks include;

    1) Silent Night, Holy Night

    2) Adeste Fidelis

    3) White Christmas

    4) I’ll Be Home for Christmas

    5) Ave Maria

    6) The Christmas Song

    7) A Marshmallow World

    8) Christmas in Killarney

    9) It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

    10) Jingle Bells

    11) Mele Kalikamaka

    12) The First Noel

    13) Silver Bells

    14) Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy

    15) White Christmas (version 2)

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