Bing Crosby: The Early Years

Episode 1

Episode date - November 20, 2015

How Music Changed

    The generation that would have remembered Bing Crosby as a contemporary popular vocalist is mostly gone, so there aren’t many left alive who can attest to their impression at the height of his popularity. The generations that followed, though, did not seem to hold Crosby in high regard, and dismissed him as a ‘square’ representative of bygone days.

    As years passed, something got lost in translation, because to see Crosby in the context of his own time period, a completely different impression emerges. To quote Artie Shaw, “The thing you have to understand about Bing Crosby is that he was the first hip white person born in the United States.” That says a lot, and with this series of one-hour programs, we will set out to make Shaw’s point for him.

    The opening show will have more back story and less music, as we set up Crosby’s early history. Featured tracks include;

    1) Galway Bay – Bing Crosby

    2) Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go… - Al Jolson

    3) San – Paul Whiteman & his Orchestra

    4) Rockin’ Chair – Mildred Bailey

    5) Wistful and Blue – Paul Whiteman w/ Bing Crosby

    6) Muddy Water – Paul Whiteman w/ Bing Crosby

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