Bing Crosby: The Pre-War Years

Bing Crosby: The Pre-War Years

Episode 7

Episode date - January 8, 2016

How Music Changed

    As famous as Bing Crosby may have been before the War, it paled to his popularity during the conflagration.

    Bing’s fame and relaxed demeanor made everyone think that they knew Bing personally, a situation that sometimes caused problems when aggressive fans approached his home expecting a warm welcome. Americans could not agree on whether they should be involved in the conflict overseas, but they all did agree that Crosby was the best performer that the USA had to offer. He was seen as the penultimate American, and his presence was ubiquitous. In fact, he was so busy that music started to take a back seat to his screen work.

    With this show, we cover the time leading up to the World War II era. Featured tracks include:

    1) Pennies from Heaven

    2) The Way You Look Tonight

    3) Sweet Leilani

    4) The Moon Got in My Eyes

    5) I’ve Got a Pocketful of Dreams

    6) What’s New

    7) Only Forever

    8) Moonlight Becomes You

    9) Sunday, Monday or Always

    10) San Fernando Valley

    11) I Love You

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