Bing Crosby: The War Years and Beyond

Bing Crosby: The War Years and Beyond

Episode 8

Episode date - January 15, 2016

How Music Changed

    In a poll taken from soldiers during World War II, Bing Crosby was selected as the most important personality for boosting troop morale.

    Apparently, just the sound of his voice was enough for the soldiers to feel that things were going to be all right. At this point of his career, Crosby seemed to be ubiquitous, especially since his radio shows were now taped, allowing them to be distributed far and wide, while freeing him for film and other obligations…like golf, for instance.

    We wrap our coverage of Bing Crosby by playing highlights from the World War II era and beyond, with an emphasis on some of his most memorable duets.

    Featured tracks include;

    1) Sunday Monday or Always

    2) San Fernando Valley

    3) I Love You

    4) I’ll Be Seeing You

    5) Swinging on a Star

    6) There’ll be a Fine Time in the Town of Berlin Tonight

    7) Don’t Fence Me In

    8) It’s Been a Long, Long Time

    9) A Couple of Song and Dance Men

    10) Put It There Pal

    11) Well, Did You Evah?

    12) Gone Fishin’

    13) Now Is the Hour

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