The Rebel Kind - Dino, Desi and Billy

Nuggets: ‘R’ Is for Real, REAL Crazy

Episode 26

Episode date - March 17, 2023

How Music Changed

    From show to show, We just can’t tell what we’re going to get.

    Last show was full of hits (which is unusual for a ‘Nuggets’ series) but here we find ourselves up to our necks in obscurity once again. Well, that’s fine with me. In a sense, this is where ‘Nuggets’ belongs.

    Featured tracks include:

    Real Crazy Apartment – Winston’s Fumbs

    The Rebel Kind - Dino, Desi and Billy

    Red Rubber Ball – The Cyrkle

    Reflections of Charles Brown – Rupert’s People

    Respect – The Vagrants

    Revenge – The Others

    Riot on Sunset Strip – The Standells

    Robot Monster – Phil Tucker

    Rock and Roll Gypsies – Hearts and Flowers

    Roland – Billy & the Dukes

    Romeo and Juliet – Michael & the Messengers

    Rosalyn – The Pretty Things

    Roses and Rainbows – Danny Hutton

    Run, Run, Run – The Gestures

    Run, Run, Run – The Third Rail

    Channel 153 - Nuggets