I Had Too Much to Dream – The Electric Prunes

Nuggets: Groovy "H" Mash-Ups

Episode 13

Episode date - December 9, 2022

How Music Changed

    Episode 13 is not much different from 1 through 12 – it’s just a mash-up of incredibly groovy tunes from the mid-60s when Psychedelic sounds started to kick in all over the world, and it sounded like every neighborhood everywhere wanted to get in on the game.

    This show has a healthy mix of well-known artists mixed in with others that I’m sure will make you think that they just crawled out of the closet.

    Featured tracks include:

    Hey Joe – The Leaves

    Hideaway – The Electric Prunes

    High on Love – The Knickerbockers

    Hippy Elevator Operator – W.C. Fields Memorial Electric String Band

    Hold Me Now – The Rumors

    How Does It Feel to Feel – The Creation

    How Is the Air Up There? – The La De Das

    How to Find a Lover – The Mockingbirds

    I Ain’t No Miracle Worker – The Brogues

    I Can Hear the Grass Grow – Blues Magoos

    I Can Hear the Grass Grow – The Move

    I Can Only Give You Everything – Them

    I Feel Good (I Feel Bad) – The Lewis and Clarke Expedition

    I Guess I Was Dreamin’ – The Kingsmen

    I Had Too Much to Dream – The Electric Prunes


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