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Nuggets: Me, Myself and Especially ‘I’

Episode 14

Episode date - December 16, 2022

How Music Changed

    As a phenomenon created almost exclusively by teenagers, it should come as no surprise that the song topics of most “Nuggets” tunes are usually, self-absorbed, egocentric, and maybe even narcissistic.

    To that end, every song in this show begins with the letter ‘i’ – not just the letter but the actual word ‘I’. These are songs intended to help us relate to the singer’s perspective, so what do we have?

    Here’s our list:

    I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night – The Electric Prunes

    I Live in the Springtime – The Lemon Drops

    I Love How You Love Me – Nino Tempo and April Stevens

    I Love You – People

    I Must Be Mad – The Craig

    I Need You – The Rationals

    I Read You like an Open Book – The Tages

    I See the Light – The Five Americans

    I See the Rain – The Marmalade

    I Shall Call Her Mary – Montage

    I Still Love You – The Vejtables

    I Think I Love You – Del Shannon

    I Think I’m Down – The Harbinger Complex

    I Want Candy – The Strangeloves

    I Wish I Was Five – Scrugg

    I Won’t Hurt You – The West Coast Pop Art Experiment

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