Night Time – The Strangeloves

Nuggets: ‘N’ Is for Nuggets!!!

Episode 22

Episode date - February 17, 2023

How Music Changed

    Will it never end? Well, I hope not, at least not yet.

    We are finally in the back half of the alphabet, so we can glimpse the end of this series, but it’s gonna be hard to move on because it has been so fun to play so many genuinely weird obscurities for you on terrestrial radio. This show features more or less the same collection of psychedelic craziness, so hang on to your hats.

    Featured tracks include:

    My Mind’s Eye – Small Faces

    My White Bicycle – Tomorrow

    My World Fell Down – Sagittarius

    Night of the Blood Beast – Bernard Louis Kowalski

    Night of the Phantom – Larry & the Blue Notes

    The Night Stalker – Teddy Durant

    Night Time – The Strangeloves

    Night Time Girl – Modern Folk Quartet

    Nightmare – The Abstracts

    No Friend of Mine – The Sparkles

    No Good Without You – The Birds

    No More Now – The Smoke

    No More Running Around – Lamp of Childhood

    No Presents for Me – Pandamonium

    No Time Like the Right Time – Blues Project

    Channel 153 - Nuggets