Midnight to Six Man – The Pretty Things

Nuggets: Let’s Play the Letter ‘M’ (Part 1)

Episode 20

Episode date - January 27, 2023

How Music Changed

    Since we are playing these tunes alphabetically, you may think that we’d be lingering for a while on songs that start with the word ‘love’, but no: I suppose there wasn’t much romance in the Nuggets crowd.

    Actually, it’s telling that only three songs appear with the word ‘love’, but there are four that use the word ‘mind’. Hmmm. Go figure….

    Featured Tracks:

    Love Hate Revenge – Episode Six

    Love’s the Thing – The Romancers

    Love’s Gone Bad – The Underdogs

    Madman Running Through the Fields – Dantalian’s Chariot

    Magic Carpet Ride – Steppenwolf

    Magic Potion – The Open Mind

    Maid of Sugar- Maid of Spice – Mouse and the Traps

    Making Time – The Creation

    Marshmallow Skies – Rick Nelson

    Midnight to Six Man – The Pretty Things

    A Midsummer’s Night Scene – John’s Children

    Mind Excursion – The Tradewinds

    Mindrocker – Fenwyck

    Mirror of Your Mind – We the People

    Montage Mirror – Roger Nichols Trio


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