It’s Your Time – The Weeds 

Nuggets: “I-J-K…”

Episode 17

Episode date - January 6, 2023

How Music Changed

    …or “I Just Know” that you’re gonna love this show.

    Moving through three letters of the alphabet in one program for the first time since we started this series seventeen shows ago, it feels like a sudden growth spurt, but it’s really just more of the same combination of top 40 hits and deep obscurities.

    Featured tracks include: 

    It’s Your Time – The Weeds 

    It’s-A-Happening – The Magic Mushrooms 

    Jack of Diamonds - Daily Flash 

    Jill – Gary Lewis & the Playboys 

    Johnny Was a Good Boy – The Mystery Trend 

    Journey to the Center of the Mind – The Amboy Dukes 

    Journey to Tyme – Kenny & the Kasuals 

    Jump, Jive and Harmonize – Thee Midnighters 

    Just a Little – The Beau Brummels 

    Just Can’t Wait – The Full Treatment 

     Just Dropped In… - Kenny Rogers & the First Edition 

    Just Like Me – Paul Revere and the Raiders 

    Kicks and Chicks – The Zipps 

    Knock Knock – The Humane Society 

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