Stax: Maintaining Status Quo

Episode 4

Episode date - May 15, 2015

How Music Changed

    By late 1963, all that Stax wanted to do was to retain the bit of credibility that it earned through the few hits that the label generated in its early incarnation. Although times were changing quickly, the label reacted conservatively. They tried to find formulas for their original roster, while also trying to expand by finding new talent that fit in with the balance of their artists. By this time, the Beatles were a ubiquitous presence all over the U.S., and tastes were changing accordingly, so Stax had its work cut out.

    Here are a few of their better singles the label offered from late ’63- early ’64;

    1) Pain in My Heart – Otis Redding

    2) Mo’ Onions – Booker T & the MG’s

    3) Frog Stomp – Floyd Newman

    4) Can Your Monkey Do the Dog/Somebody Stole My Dog – Rufus Thomas

    5) The Honey Dripper – The Van-Dells

    6) Who Will It Be Tomorrow – William Bell

    7) Come to Me – Otis Redding

    8) Security – Otis Redding

    9) Closer to My Baby – Dorothy Williams

    10) Soul Dressing – Booker T & the MG’s

    11) Bush Bash – The Mar-Keys

    12) Please Return to Me – The Fleets

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