Son House

The History of Guitar in America 1922-1962: The Blues

Episode 2

Episode date - February 2, 2024

How Music Changed

    This show covers a few artists and songs that are possibly more popular today than they were 90 years ago. They are certainly more legendary, because neither the artists not the listeners considered any of these performances to become classics.

    Blues music remained a product of Black American culture and as such, had a limited audience that could afford to buy records, no less the machine required to listen to them. In addition, the guitar was not yet accepted as a ‘practical’ instrument. Due to its higher timbre and the ability to project with some volume, the banjo had been the clear winner among stringed instruments. This show presents a few examples of how the guitar slowly grew in stature to become a ‘popular’ instrument.

    Featured tracks include:

    Diddie Wah Diddie – Blind Blake

    Police Dog Blues – Blind Blake

    Canned Heat Blues – Tommy Johnson

    Big Road Blues – Tommy Johnson

    Nobody’s Fault but Mine – Blind Willie Johnson

    Let Your Light Shine on Me – Blind Willie Johnson

    Death Letter Blues - Son House

    Preachin’ the Blues – Son House

    Standin’ on the Corner (Blue Yodel #9) – Jimmie Rodgers

    T.B. Blues – Jimmie Rodgers

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