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The History of Guitar in America 1922-1962: Further Innovation (And Some Recognition)

Episode 3

Episode date - February 9, 2024

How Music Changed

    For Episodes 1 and 2 of this series, we mostly covered the development of a uniquely American approach to playing the guitar, presenting it as an instrument uniquely different from the European style, which was far more formalized.

    However, all of this change and innovation didn’t do very much (yet) to popularize the instrument among middle class (read “White”) Americans. This show, then, starts by focusing on a specific artist that was responsible for popularizing the instrument and placing it into the mainstream of American culture. From there we cover blues players who would eventually become guitar icons (but not before their death).

    Blue Yodel #9 (Standin’ on the Corner) - Jimmie Rodgers

    In the Jailhouse Now – Jimmie Rodgers

    Crossroad Blues – Robert Johnson

    Preaching Blues – Robert Johnson

    Sittin’ on Top of the World – Mississippi Sheiks

    I’ve Got Blood in My Eyes for You – Mississippi Sheiks

    Broke Down Engine Blues – Blind Willie McTell

    Three Women Blues – Blind Willie McTell

    Don’t You Lie to Me – Tampa Red

    It’s Tight Like That – Tampa Red

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