Eddie Lang and Lonnie Johnson  - Blue Guitars

The History of Guitar in America 1922-1962: The Fundamental Problem With Guitar is...

Episode 4

Episode date - February 16, 2024

How Music Changed

    The first three shows in this series focused on how the acoustic guitar developed in America, becoming something incredibly different from the way that it was previously being utilized in Europe.

    The changes were innovative and helped American music to become something drastically different from what came before. That being said, these changes did not resolve the fundamental problem of the guitar. Despite adding steel strings, the instrument still lacked the ability to be properly heard in a band that utilized brass instruments.

    This show makes that point obvious by presenting two of the greatest geniuses of the early thirties, and the problems that they faced.

    Featured tracks include:

    I’m Not Rough – Louis Armstrong w/ Lonnie Johnson

    Hot and Bothered – Duke Ellington Orchestra w/ Lonnie Johnson

    6/88 Glide – Lonnie Johnson

    Singin’ the Blues – Bix Biederbecke w/ Eddie Lang

    A Handful of Riffs – Lonnie Johnson and Eddie Lang

    Hot Fingers – Lonnie Johnson and Eddie Lang

    Stringing the Blues – Eddie Lang and Joe Venuti

    Goin’ Places – Eddie Lang and Joe Venuti

    Saint Louis Blues – Django Reinhardt

    Limehouse Blues – Django Reinhardt

    Blues for Me – Django Reinhardt

    Happy New Year Darling – Lonnie Johnson

    Channel 30 - The History of Guitar in America 1922-1962