Lou Reed - Growing Up In Public

The Velvet Underground (and after): Growing Up in Public

Episode 17

Episode date - November 17, 2023

How Music Changed

    Lou Reed’s choice for an album title was quite apt for the times. Reed had been incredibly antagonistic for most of his career, and his confrontational manner made him seem both fearsome and unpredictable.

    Parts of his legacy surely must have embarrassed him to some extent, and now that he was ‘going straight’ and getting married, it was time to face down his reputation and start anew. At approximately the same time, John Cale was pulling himself together and releasing new album projects. It felt as though the two men decided to realign their legacies and look forward rather than reflecting on their past.

    Featured tracks include:

    Mercenaries (Ready for War) – John Cale

    Evidence – John Cale

    My Old Man – Lou Reed

    Keep Away – Lou Reed

    So Alone – Lou Reed

    The Power of Positive Drinking – Lou Reed

    Dead or Alive – John Cale

    Riverbank – John Cale

    Chorale – John Cale

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