Lou Reed - The Blue Mask

The Velvet Underground (and after): The Blue Mask

Episode 18

Episode date - November 24, 2023

How Music Changed

    If nothing else, Lou Reed would easily qualify as one of the most inconsistent artists of his time…and yet in this series we choose to represent him as an integral part of our music history, not only for his time as ‘leader’ of the Velvet Underground, but also for his work as a solo artist.

    I know that to do so, we must cover a great many lapses in judgment, but when he finds his direction, it is usually with stunning effect – especially if he seemed to be coasting beforehand.

    This show covers a moment of clarity that puts Reed into a class that is very much unlike other artists who may have wished to achieve his status. In short, he honestly reveals his state of mind, and he does it with his best band since “Rock and Roll Animal”, if not his best ever.

    Featured tracks include:

    My House


    Underneath the Bottle

    The Gun

    The Blue Mask

    Waves of Fear

    The Day John Kennedy Died

    Thoughtless Kind – John Cale

    Close Watch – John Cale

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